WIP timeline

0 CE

  • Crystal discovered, shown to have amazing properties, semi-magical

3 CE

  • House Ignavus goes into hiding, removing themselves entirely from crystal usage or contact with the outside world

30 CE

  • Terra Fragmentum
    Houses plunged into chaos, isolating cities and breaking communication
    Cities start ascending from the ground, tectonic activity renders attempts to maintain civilization useless
    Surface turned to a wasteland
    Floating cities avoid the surface conditions, almost “shielded” from the apocalypse below

50 CE

  • Tectonic activity seems to stop, cities stop ascending, reconstruction attempts now feasible
    First contact from floating cities, tenuous relationship
    Survivors left stranded on the ground build underground cities to resist the near-apocalyptic conditions on the surface
    Surface starts to clear, becomes considerably more hospitable, though still dangerous

52 CE

  • 1st Great War
    Foreseen end to crystal supply, Underworld houses erupt into three way war between other lower houses and Sanctuary
    Underworld house’s political power mostly dissolve, exist in a heraldic sense only

192 CE

  • Notable increase in demon activity, Demons start venturing out of the Great Mine and into surrounding surface

193 CE

  • The Great Cleansing
    Underworld and Sanctuary come together in a ceasefire to focus on the demon threat
    Use of crystal becomes taboo in Underworld, Sanctuary still uses (and abuses) crystal
    Sanctuary takes heavy losses from Cleansing while Underworld retreats to their underground fortress-cities

222 CE

  • Great Cleansing ends
    Underworld decimated andSanctuary takes heavy losses
    Demons defeated in a Pyrrhic victory, through many (insert upper world name here) inhabitants are captured]
    Sanctuary blames war on Underworld’s tampering with the crystal, and thus, the blame for the war falls on the Underworld – though neither side is in any shape to resume conflict against one another.
    A white peace is had between the Underworld and the (insert upper world name here), allowing for a period of recuperation and rest

370 CE

  • 2nd Great War
    Conflict resumes, Underworld vs. Sanctuary
    Underworld houses remain at a state of cold war towards each other
    Rumors of new and extremely powerful Demons said to be roaming the Ruin alongside more familiar Demons seen in the Great Cleansing


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