Terra Fragmentum is a starkly contrasted post-apocalyptic world of magic versus technology. The world is divided into three parts: a series of floating cities, named Sanctuary, dominated by long lived magical races; an Underworld of squalor filled with downtrodden races driven by the theme of technological progress; and the irradiated surface of the planet home to the hostile Demons.

The world is fueled by the all-powerful crystal, a semi-magical substance found below the surface of the world. This crystal is the lifeblood of all civilized life, but at a cost of mind-altering, mutating effects.

Terra is comparable to Earth, save for it being an irradiated desert wasteland. The planet features an enormous fracture down the middle, dividing the world into two distinct halves. Water is still present on the surface, filling the fracture and other separate parts of the world. Notable in the overall geography of the world is the presence of the Great Mine on the surface, serving as the once thriving heartland for the world’s commerce and the primary source for obtaining the crystal.

The floating kingdoms are governed by individual houses, operating as mostly independent royal families. The Underworld is supposedly united under the Council of Nations, which has representatives from each individual house of the Underworld, but this power structure is ineffective at best, and the Council is of very little actual use. The surface of the world (referred to as “The Ruin”) has no organized population, and thus, no organized government.


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