The religion of Terra Fragmentum is something of a conglomeration between greek and roman mythology. The gods exist as a royal family, remembered through scriptures and tales of old. The crystal is though to be the primary parting gift to humanity, though the term “gift” is loosely used. It bestows great powers, but also great harm can come to those who abuse its power (though most choose to forget this sobering reality). Thus, use of the crystal is nearly religious, with the application of it in technology with the Underworld to the sacred honoring of it in Sanctuary.

The Underworld regards the gods as a holy and omnipotent force, bending to their whim wherever it may be interpreted. They do not, for fear of heresy, change the scriptures or lore.

Sanctuary does not view the gods as gods, but as competitors. The god-complex of the Vajarian has led them to believe that they are equal to the gods of old, and have yet to be challenged otherwise. The scriptures and legends of old have been edited and changed outright, and are now woven around the people of Sanctuary. The “old” religion has long since been abandoned an regarded as heretical.

The Origin

In the beginning, the gods created many races from the rich minerals and gems deep within the earth. The Elves were born of emerald, Dwarves made of gold, Men made of Sapphire. These new born races were blessed by the gods, and settled the land of Terra.

A debate arose among the gods: whether or not godlike power should be bestowed to the races of Terra. The newborn races were struggling, divine intervention would protect them from the harsh wilds of Terra, but this granted power would only inevitably result in the races rising up to combat their creators. The gods were faced with a choice, and this brought about a war in heaven. This war spilled over to the lands of Terra, great destruction and great loss were had in both heaven and Terra. As this war raged, the god of life an death manifested on Terra and gave an ultimatum to both the gods and mortals: The war must end, or he would end all life before Terra would be destroyed. Despite his efforts, he was struck down. He dissipated into mere nothingness, transferring his forces into the land itself, healing the land in his final moments.

In his death, the gods realized their folly and retreated back to the heavens to honor their fallen brother. Ever since that moment, the gods were never seen again.


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