Terra Fragmentum is divided into three distinguishable sections: the Underworld, the Ruin, and Sanctuary. The Underworld refers to the cavernous living spaces of the four houses of the Underworld living in squalor beneath the surface of the world, while Sanctuary is a collection of floating mountain-islands chained to the surface of the world. The surface itself is referred to as “The Ruin”, being war torn and decimated from centuries of abuse and battle. Demons infest this land, using the unnatural haze and inhospitable conditions of the Ruin to run amok, uncontested from either the Underworld or Sanctuary.

The Underworld is the result of the rampant misuse of the crystal, which has turned the conventional surface into a irradiated and polluted wasteland. This has driven the humans of the surface who were not of the four upper houses to seek refuge under the surface of the world in manufactured caverns. This has also doubled as defense against the demon incursions that have become an ever-increasing threat against both the Underworld and Sanctuary. It is from these intricately networked bastions of defense that the Underworld houses its massive forges and laboratories; these focal points of undocumented science and manufacturing are forever bustling with activity and an almost religious fervor for the need for the application of the crystal’s raw power.

Above the surface of each city in the Underworld lies a myriad of weapons systems constantly manned and surveying the terrain for intruders, and upon detection of one, elimination of it with extreme prejudice. The Underworld has each city linked with each other city through winding tunnel systems, so there will never be a need for identifying foes for fear of killing an ally. Though the tunnels exist, however, does not that mean one should use them without caution: they are home to dangerous natives and demons alike.

The Ruin is a wasteland. The surface is full of relics from past ages, long forgotten by humanity and abandoned by all houses, though still useful to those brave few willing to adventure into the face of certain death. Technologies of old are rumored to still exist in workable status in the deepest depths of the Great Mine; fortunes are waiting to be had to any brave or stupid enough to think that it can be collected. Guarding these relics are the Demons, humans touched by the crystal for far too long, warping the afflicted into something far beyond humanity or any known creature. The wars waged on defeating or even containing these creatures has failed in a conventional sense, turning the surface into an abandoned war zone lined with trenches, weapon emplacements, leveled cities, and a thick fog of manifested radiation covering most of the exposed land. However, in this land reside the few of house Ignavus who rejected the use of the crystal altogether, and have set up residence in absolute seclusion in the mountainsides and caves that did not ascend to Sanctuary. To attempt to contact them is a veritable death sentence.

The Great Mine is perhaps the greatest accomplishment of pre-demon incursions. Visible from space, immense is a word that falls short of describing it. Sizing in at around a small country, one side is across the horizon from the other. Lore has it that this is where the god of life and death was struck down, infusing the ground with his essence and ultimately founding the greatest deposit of crystal known. Early excavation attempts found nothing but the crystal for miles into the surface, all the way down to the mantle of the planet, which was a semi-liquid lava state of the crystal. The excavation was expanded, first in a controlled manner, then soon turning into a wild dig for all the crystal one could imagine. Lives were lost, but none cared, and soon enough the excavation was coined “The Great Mine”. It starts gradually, soon forming into a great crater that reaches all the way to the mantle of the planet. Colonies were founded inside of the mine itself, with people living in constant exposure to the crystal for months at a time. It is then that the first demon appearances were recorded. Panic ensued, the mine was abandoned, almost. Demons took the mine and extended their grip on the surface day by day, causing a war that would leave the world scarred forever.

Sanctuary is the byproduct of both the crystal’s natural power and perceived intervention of the gods. Below each city grew deposits of the crystal, and the four houses of Sanctuary hoarded it within their keeps. Without warning or explanation, tectonic activity slowly became more and more pronounced until the very city and surrounding land rose up from the surface and ascended into the sky. The ascent was gradual and nigh unstoppable. The cities would break any chain or form of restraint until they reached their supposed destination, far above the surface, on par with the height of clouds. Once they seemed to stop moving, enormous chains were lowered to the ground as a means of transportation to the Ruin, however inhospitable it may be.

The location of each island isn’t entirely random. Each island circles around one centric main island, home to the Vajarian. It is the Vajarian that rule Sanctuary, despite internal power struggles of the surrounding islands. Each island is also home to a specific biome, with the center island being a hills/woodland biome.


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