Houses of the Underworld

The Underworld, unlike Sanctuary, is a smoggy, dark, industry-oriented, and over-populated mess which contains four antiquated houses of governing power. Each house used to hold its own political and military views, but due to the natural chaotic and corrupt nature of the Underworld, the houses have been prone to infighting. It is common to see great power shifts in a city-by-city basis in the Underworld, and the four houses of the Underworld are more a symbol of lineage and upbringing than political power.

House Axius- House Axius is known for their tactician-ship in the war against Sanctuary. Their house’s members fill out a majority of the top military commanding positions in the Underworld, and the house is known for using tried and true brute force methods to obtain what they want. They hold the largest, most regimented army within the Underworld. Growing up under House Axius entails a spartan like youth, training for war at a young age so that by adulthood, they can be conscripted into the Axian army. Those who are too weak to fight instead get assigned to work in the factories. Perhaps most famous from House Axius are the Eribin strike teams; groups of veterans that have seen so much bloodshed that they lose contact with morality, only existing to obey orders and eliminate their target.

House Marius- House Marius is “the trading house” when it comes to the Underworld. Their house soldiers are known to protect the tunnels for large caravans carrying supplies and weapons to neighboring cities, and their military works on a purely defensive basis. House Marius may not have an army as well trained or large as house Axius, but their economic strength is not to be overlooked. If House Marius wants something done or somebody dead, their bounties are lucrative indeed.

House Lucan- House Lucan is home to a disproportionate amount of Stonekin, and thus, is informally known as “The House of Fire”. The forges of Lucan never fall extinguished, the sound of hammers and boiling iron can be heard from the deepest depths of the Underworld no matter the time. The eternal war effort against Sanctuary and the Demons is fueled by the efforts of this house, and even though the manufacturing never stops, there always seems to be a shortage of supplies in the Underworld. House Marius works closely with House Lucan to make sure that the supplies never stop coming so that the caravans will never stop going.

House Ventor- House Ventor is not particularly well liked by the other three houses, but the necessity for the crystal facilitates an uneasy relationship. Reclusive and antisocial, the scientific minds of House Ventor understand the inner workings of the crystal on a far deeper basis than any other house, more so than even Sanctuary. They tinker incessantly with the crystal, finding applications and uses for it in new inventions daily. Of course, all the exposure to the crystal comes at a price of sanity, and in some cases, mutations.

House Ignavus

Three years after the discovery of the crystal, House Ignavus withdrew from the Council of Houses and sought refuge from all contact with the strange new mineral. Not much is known about the current status of House Ignavus, except for their hostility to any outside contact. Any attempt to contact them has resulted in the death of those sent.

The Houses of Sanctuary

House Anastos: House Anastos is the ruling house of Sanctuary. During the years that followed Terra Fragmentum the houses of sanctuary held a competition in which the most powerful magic users of each family competed for the crown of the sky. With the backing of House Myron: House Anastos won the tournament claiming the throne of the sanctuary. Through the years House Anastos has organized the war effort against the under world and Demons. House Anastos is famous for its magical strength and wisdom. House Anastos’s home city is the capital of sanctuary: within its walls all lie markets of flourishing trade, academies of the skilled magic users, training grounds for the most ruthless of soldiers. House Anastos’s army is the second largest within Sanctuary, but their soldiers are trained are lead by an Elite of Magic users.In Sanctuary every House has a say in what should be done to maintain peace and what should be carried out during times of war, but House Anastos’s word is final in these matters.

House Myron: House Myron is one of the lower ruling houses in Sanctuary. They are known for their vast Trade Network of natural resources and supplies. House Myron’s Home city lies on an island west of the capital and that is where the largest farming colonies lies. With a large number of Tlalocary working their the fields are always rich with a bountiful crop. House Myron controls the third largest military in Sanctuary and it is famed for its Vajarian Saber Hawk riders.

House Stannis: House Stannis is the war machine of Sanctuary. Their army is supplied by the Master Smiths of the Dragon’s spine: who’s craftsmanship is unrivaled in sanctuary. There Militia is comprised of the of the Mighty Geskalien drake riders; few have lived through a fight with these ruthless warriors and lived to tell the tail. House Stannis’s home city is lies on a vast island of mountains and swamps south east of the capital. Due to these harsh training environments House Stannis’s military academies are some of the most treacherous there are,

House Rigas: is the least powerful among the houses of sanctuary; however, they hold within their borders on of the most key pieces to the Sanctuary’s war effort. The Seers of Mount Oculus. These powerful being are often consulted before a great war effort is carried through. Rigas has fairly powerful military in its own right but it doesn’t match the might of the other houses.

-The Royal family ruling by elective secession are prideful rulers who control a strong army and powerful users of magic granted by the crystal’s, look down on the lower world from their floating kingdom’s as their god complex grows . Mostly nobles the upper world is full of political betrayal and infighting. The upper world is made up of a few key races and racism is common among the houses .

-Smoking hot babes (with blond hair and blue eyes )
Anastis Vajarian: Strongest house and house that produces most of the rulers even with the other try to hold them back .Their Army’s use blades and spears infused wit crystal shards said to be the most organized of the four hoses .

Grunlockins :Part of the royal family the wizards are sickly and frail having gave all of them selves to the crystals and in return were given greater power. This house sees the crystal as their birthright and possesses more of the crystals than any other house.

Geskaliens: The crafters and builders of the upper world they are some of the most peaceful and honest citizen’s of the upper world. Although they have been known to have quite the temper.

Tlalocary: The most fanatic and brutal of the houses believing in sacrifice and self harm in their worship of this new found power .The most disliked and feared house because they can not be completely trusted or mistrusted in battle.


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