The races of Terra Fragmentum are diverse and far spread due to the world’s magical nature and many of the races that exist in Common Era are byproducts of the once-humans the crystal came into contact with during the great shift of land.

Races of Sanctuary

Vajarian- The Vajarian are a proud and noble race who are commonly found throughout Sanctuary. They resemble classic wood elves except for distinct avionic qualities in their appearance. Most of these characteristics are minor, like the slanted birdlike eyes, but others more drastic, as some of the more “blessed” family lines have outright wings sprouting from the back. The one trait that all Vajarian inherited is a birds eye, the most common colors being yellow and darker oranges, but some are know for having steely blue eyes or piercing grey ones. Vajarians are one of the more gifted races when it comes to magic, having the ability to cast powerful and complex spells and conjuring pure energy as if from nothing. Vajarians do not take insult lightly, being the assumed rulers of Sanctuary, and are known for their arrogant racism towards the other inhabitants of Sanctuary.

Racial Traits:
- Avian eyes
- Night vision
- Slender and athletic build
- Feathers (bloodline dependent)
- Wings (an exceedingly rare trait among Vajarians, only the purest of bloodlines inherit it)
Average life span- Indefinite
Average Height- 5 11’

Tlalocary- The Tlalocary are human like in appearance with distinct glowing tattoos, they are larger than the average human and immensely stronger and faster. The crystal did not gift them with the control of magic like the Vajarians, but it imbues them with the sight of souls. Vague in nature and only shown to exist with the Tlalocary, it is likened to the ability to see the emotions and energy present in an individual. Not quite precognition, Soul Sight allows the viewer to “see” the intentions of another being. Due to this, the Tlalocary have adopted a rigid monastic lifestyle to be more in tune with nature.

Racial Traits:
- Glowing tattoos
- Glowing eyes
- Strength of 5 men
- Soul Sight
Average Life span- Indefinite
Average height- 6 6’

Geskalien- The Geskalien are a reptilian race that lives in the swamp land region of Sanctuary. Allegedly descended from the dragons of lore before Common Era, they are more animalistic than the other races of Sanctuary. They have a primal rage that is akin to that of a dragon’s fire and difficult to control, and this tends to hamper relations with those not of their kin. Despite this inborn rage, the Geskaliens have a talent for forging and imbuing weapons with potent magical energy. Their forge lies between their enchanted marshes and vast mountain range known as the Dragons Spine, though no outsider has ever laid eyes upon it.

Racial Traits:
- Strong scaled hide
- Strength of two men
- Can breathe under water
- Night vision
Average life span- Indefinite
Average Height- 6 ft.

Seers- The seers are a very unique race in that they are gifted with true vision of all possible futures. They do not communicate with language, though, as their gift is expressed through their art. Whether it be music or sculpting, their art has always been considered sacred among Sanctuary, being prized possessions by other races and studied by scholars around Terra. Other than this ability though, the Seers have no other magical aptitude nor physical prowess.

Racial Traits:
- Artistically inclined
- Whimsical
- Refuse to fight
Avg Life Span- Indefinite
Average height- 5 7’

Grunlokin- The Grunlokin are the recluses of Sanctuary as they never willingly interact with outsiders, keeping to their wizard-city of (CITY NAME HERE). Very few people have ventured there for the fear of their life. Grunlokins are the most powerful magical magic users of the known world, putting the considerable magical talents of the Vajarian to shame. They dedicate their entire lives to practicing the art of magic, honing their craft with religious zeal. Each Grunlokin is put through a test of will when they come of age, to determine where their magically talents lie. This test breaks a Grunlokin’s body and taps into the fullest potential of their mind, rendering them feeble-bodied but no less dangerous. Not many have met a Grunlokin, but they supposedly are short, weak, hunchbacked creatures, concealing their pale grey skin below billowing robes. Grunlokin are not to be trifled with; their powers know few limits.

Racial Trait:
- Frail body
- Pale grey skin
- powerful mind
- Master magic users

Zo’orin- are the savage race that inhabit the shattered breech in the upper world, the crystal has changed their minds into something similar to wild beasts. the characteristics they have taken on vary from winged beasts, dragons, wolves, and numerous others. The only race that has been able to approach these savage creature with out blood shed are the Tlalocary. Many assume that the Tlalocarie’s bond with nature gives them an ability that seems to calm the Zo’orin.

Racial Traits:
- Wild nature
- Natural Weapons (ranging from talons to Acidic excretions)
- Average Lifespan is unknown due to the limited interaction with the Zo’orin
- Average height varies

Inhabitants of the Ruin

Demons- Demons are anything that has been too mutated by the crystal to be a part of society, either in Sanctuary or the Underworld. The crystal’s mutations may mutate the afflicted with any number of changes, but it universally morphs the mind and brings about dementia and bouts of insanity. Usually hostile, Demons are feared by all races. Fear brings about hatred, hatred heralds violence. The Demons have been pushed back from major population centers during the Great Cleansing and are now restricted to the Ruin, though they seek to be as close to the crystal as they can, thus, the Great Mine is infested with them. The more a Demon stays in contact with the crystal, the more insane it becomes, but one should not confuse insanity with stupidity, for the crystal’s mind sharpening effects are not lost upon the Demons.

Races of the Underworld

Stonekin- The Stonekin are a brutish race that live in the darker depths of the Underworld. They were once human, but the crystal mutated them, imbuing itself into the very skin of the race. Many viewed this trait as a curse at first, but it has become a remarkable gift to have, for the Stonekin’s skin can withstand intense temperatures, giving them the ability to work in forges as master smiths; crafting things once thought impossible. A Stonekin looks similar to a less-intimidating stone golem, having a extremely calloused exterior, a dark brownish grey skin color, and the absence of hair anywhere on the body.

Racial Traits:
- Stone skin
- Molten heart
- Night vision
Average Height- 6 ft.
Average Life span- 60 years

Plasmodian: the Plasmodians are a unique race that are rarely seen, for they can take the characteristics of any race and use them as their own. This ability has limits though: no Plasmodian has ever been to copy another races abilities to their fullest potential. Plasmodians also can only retain an adopted form for a limited time before they begin to revert to their original form. In there natural state Plasmodians resemble a humanoid like slime. Their eyes glow a murky blue, Plasmodians in there natural state are nearly indestructible; however they have a weakness to electricity. There were very few Plasmodians born during the great shift. No one knows why, but due to this they have come to be known for their infiltration skills in under world military units as well as crime syndicates.

Racial Traits:
- Tuff membrane
- shape shifting
- night vision
Average height 6 ft.
Average lifespan 500 years

Insectites: are a race of insect like humanoids that live in colonies scattered through the vast under dark. They like the Zo’orin are more animalistic than the other races of the world, but they have come to integrate themselves in to the underworlds industrial boom. Due to their hive mind and rapid rate of reproduction they make the perfect labor force; However not all Insectites are factory workers. Some have developed more suited for the battle field, with larges pincers, wings, Acids, venom’s, and other unique weaponry. Insectites can be found in almost anywhere in the underworld depending on their natural talents.

Racial Traits:
- Hive mentality
- Natural Weapons
- Hardened exo skeleton
Average Life Span- 6 years
Average height- varies


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