The Underworld

An overpopulated and intricate underground series of caverns and caves are home to the majority of the underworld house home to hundreds of races the citizens of the under world spend their time inventing and mining as well as preparing for war against there upper world and in later years against the demons. The underworld is costly plagued by crime both organized and personal disease is also common and because of the black smoke that fells the caves a by product of industrial machinery life expectancy is short and usually painful. the under world army is a strong fighting force each man is trained to kill “gods” armed with guns sword and the best armor the inventors can create they march against any foe both foreign and domestic. Ever since the crystal was found magic has increased the intelligent of the under world population and pushing them in to a technological evolution of an epic level.Violence flows from the city murders is commonplace and unsurprising .With death being so close it is understandable that people dislike waiting for happiness when it can be so easily bought or taken by force. Yet another reason that crime thrives. (NEEDS TO BE EDITED)

The cities of the underworld are more comparable to shanties and shacks, rather than concrete buildings and bunkers. The more wealthy can afford to make permanent residencies in the Underworld, but the less fortunate have to make do with living in borrowed spaces. A common man can expect to be living in an alleyway without a job, or even with a job but without pay.

Disease is a fact of life in the Underworld. Sanitation is nearly non-existent. Medicine is rare to come by, and most of it is scavenged from the Ruin.

The Houses offer an interesting deal, in that you pledge allegiance to one of the houses and offer both your life and your talents in exchange for food, a residence, and a purpose.

The Underworld

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